Returning To Second Life

May 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

So I’ve decided to come back to SL at a time when many are leaving.  I took a break for a little less than a year, and it seems I didn’t come back a minute too soon.  Apparently my magic box is about to stop working, mesh is here and 90% of people can see it, pathfinding is coming, and server changes are going to make region crossings go more smoothly.

I want to return because the combination of mesh and larger allowable prims should make large, drivable yachts more user friendly.  When linked objects were limited to 30 or so meters and I was selling 80 meter yachts, it was just too difficult to explain to people how to use the damn things! It’s as though the possibility space has expanded in my absence, and I want to come back and explore it.

So to get the rust off I decided my first new project would be importing and setting for sale a mesh that I had worked on during the beta…

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October 12, 2007 § Leave a comment

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