The Esprit

Some people have mentioned getting an error when they activate the camera functions. Make sure you turn the camera on first by hitting the small “power” button.

Also, if you have trouble seeing parts of the HUD, right click it and select edit.  Then you should be able to slide it to the right or left in order to see the parts you are missing.


§ 23 Responses to The Esprit

  • Brookston Holiday says:

    Please submit any questions about the Esprit.

    Brookston Holiday

  • how many prims and does it work or just stands there and looks pretty? or it does go to an attachment to ur av so u can drive it around and if so how many seats stays rezed?

  • Brookston Holiday says:

    Hi TheMike Rossini!

    The boat works, it attaches to your avatar to allow more prims. It can hold 2 passengers and the driver, for a total of 3 people while sailing.

    Thanks for your question,

  • Bea Woodget says:

    Very nice boat Brookston!
    Where or when more information are available ? I have so many questions: pictures, personnalization with our own colors/textures, hud, SLSF compliance, spinnaker, performances, features, based on which scripts, cabin…).
    Thank you.

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  • pnc blessed says:

    What a great product. Excellent support to. I have 2 of your boats and they are brilliant and really make SL a pleasure, I have SL running at work and when I need a break from coding get out a boat and take it for a sail!

    Good job


  • Shai Otoole says:


    I like your boat, great look

    some questions…

    Can be sailed by other people or only by the owner ?
    Is it possible to add some poseballs ?

    Transfert, Copy…. possible ???

    ty for futur answers

    Best regards
    Shai Otoole

  • Brookston Holiday says:

    Hi Shai!

    The Esprit can only be sailed by the owner… it uses attachments, which can only be attached to the person who owns the boat. You cannot add poseballs in any permanent fashion, it isn’t mod-able because it would be very easy to break the scripts if it were. It is copy-able, but not transferable. Great Questions!

    Cheers- Brookston

  • Charlz Price says:

    What a fine boat you have created! I absolutely love sailing the espirit. Fast and smooth…..i recommend this boat for the beginner to the hard core racers. Thanks for all the hard time and work that went into this product…..Bravo!

    All the best always,

    Charlz Price

  • Clarrice says:

    I was wondering if it can also be *parked* at a dock when not in use? I rented a dock space and would like to leave it parked when not using.


  • Yes it can certainly be parked when you are not using it. Cheers- Brookston

  • lexus broome says:

    I have just bought one of your esprits, its my first yacht. With the help of your video, I have had such fun sailing on sl. Thankyou for a great boat. So easy to sail and it has made my experience on sl a more pleasant and enjoyable one. I may even take up sailing in rl. Thanks Brrokston.

  • Robby says:

    Hi..sorry abou my bad english…i had buy a Esprit..but i’m not able to see the movie in a right way….(or too small or too big), so i’m not able to see the instructions. There’s not writed instructions…?

    If i loose myself in the ocean…how can i take away tho boat without loose nothing? (customization…?)
    Best regards..

  • Hi Robby!

    If you are out on the ocean and you want to save the customization you’ve done on your esprit there are 2 routes:

    1) Select both parts, deck and hull, and ‘take’ them into inventory. Then re-rezz them later and just make sure your HUD is set to the same channel as the channel in the description.

    2) *MOST* of the customized settings are saved on the HUD itself, so re-doing it from a newly rezzed yacht isn’t very difficult.

    Hope that helps, thanks for the comments Robby!


  • Lauryn says:

    Thanks for a great little boat. I’ve sailed for 12 years and the Esprit reacts very realistically to the sheet commands. The only problem I’ve had is finding a large enough body of water to really enjoy sailing without running out of room. Any suggestions?

    Would love a working spinnaker (hint, hint).

    Love your boats,

  • Thank you Lauryn!

    I’ve always enjoyed sailing in the Hollywood sims, as well as Nantucket. Just DON’T MAKE A MESS, i.e. leave pieces of boat strewn about. Those sims are a great resource that are free to everyone, try them out.

    (Hollywood: It can be hard to find where to rez a boat. There is open space right near where you TP into the sim, rez there, and sail away. Don’t leave your boat sitting there very long, people think you are stealing a slip.)

  • Aloha Creators of the Esprit ,

    This boat is very fun to sail! I have been in SL for nearly a year and have sailed various SL sailboats . I started with the Flying Tako 2.3 and was so excited about learning how to sail a boat so easily I went right out and bought a “Racing Yacht” a” Kokakola “. That boat was my 1st experience in using a larger sailboat and is nice to sail. I enjoy it a lot .

    Then theres the Esprit, The 1st thing about it that I like better than the Kokakola is the HUD. The Esprit HUD is “The Esprit” if you ask me . It works very well , has all the info you need and then some to operate and modify your Esprit. The 2nd thing that impresses me about the Esprit is the Tactical section of the HUD which ingeniously displays the parameters of the wind direction and sail angle ect… This is a great instructional aid for a newby sailor SL or RL. The 3rd thing that Esprit offers that impresses me is the realistic feel of the animations and the well placed partical effects.

    I do however have a few suggestions . The first being , please make an updated program to make the sails/keel phantom either temporarily or for mooring in busy places so people can move through the sail if need be . The keel being phantom or in “raised” position would come in handy in many cases also. Secondly , it would be wonderful to have the ability to add pose balls to the deck if needed. Us SLailors love to show our friends a good time !! So it would be great if they could all go along for the ride instead of having to “watch from the beach”.

    All in all though, this boat is great! I highly recommend it as a 1st Sailing Yacht purchase in SL . The main reason being the ease of operation and the instructional qualities it provides to the novice yet still a challenge for the seasoned sailor .

  • Thank you very much Jondolarr Larsson for your kind words.

    Setting the keel and sails to a phantom state is a great suggestion and I will definitely do that when I update it (assuming I ever get time to update it lol). As for adding poseballs there are a few reasons I decided against it. First, it is very easy to “break” the sailboat if I allow people to modify it which adds a lot more work for me and a lot more frustration for you. Second, the main part of the boat is already at 28 prims, which allows the driver and 2 passengers to sit on it; I tried various ways to get more posses onto the boat, but for a few different reasons I won’t go into here, decided it was best to keep it in its present configuration.

  • Aloha Brookston ,

    Well it is still a fine boat , so I guess my friends just need to get their own ! Oh yeah , one other suggestion I forgot to mention was , to make an option to have the hud transparent to allow more of the view to be seen ?

    Thanks Again !

  • I just wanted to say that the “Esprit” is one of the most gorgeous sail boats in all SL ever !!! What a beauty ! I wish I could call such a boat my own in RL. And it’s fully functional and operative, with lots of additional features. Although I have to admit that I use it mainly for visual purposes, for just looking good 🙂

    If you like to watch mine feel invited to stop by at : secondlife://Virgin Blossom/50/190/22

  • Hey There TBird. Realize this comment reply is a bit late but thought I would do it anyways to maybe help people in the future. You should be able to right click the hud and drag it to the right to expose the parts of the hud you have been missing.

    For the most part, in Second Life, you can control where a HUD will show up as far as up and down is concerned, but left and right is dependent on the monitor and resolution settings of the user. Hope that helps if anyone else if having trouble.

  • koen3 bing says:

    the esprit is realy cool
    only in one sim it does not work
    i can rais the sail change angel but it does not move
    can you pleas help me
    koen3 bing

  • Koen3 bing, some sims have scripts disabled which means you cannot use vehicles in them. Best you can do is avoid the sim, or talk to the owner and see what is up. Good luck and good sailing!

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